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Cubs Decline Jon Lester's 2021 Option Which Means He's Officially A Free Agent

Really no surprise if you have a brain or followed anything I've had to say about this the last two months. It was going to take a Herculean effort from Lester to get this number picked up and even then just basically impossible. Probably looked like a no brainer to Lester when he signed in 2015 offseason. But mileage takes its toll and fact remains you just can't pitch in the high 80's with his stuff and get paid $25,000,000. He gets $10M flat guaranteed for walking away, and then the Cubs will likely pitch him back one last year at like $5-7M. I would be stunned if he took that deal if another team with a WS opportunity offered $10-12M. I don't think his statistical body of work would get that kind of value, but it's Jon Lester so you don't know. Lots of moving pieces to consider. 

He's said publicly he wants to finish as a Cub. You might think that means a discount, but to me that says he's rallying public support and boxing in the Cubs. If they fuck him over he could just as easily go do a year at the G-Spot for a cheaper number and that would maybe kill me. Cubs fans deserve a full season of loving Jon Lester for everything he's done for this organization. The right thing to do would be to get a decent number in place and bring Jon back for 2021 if that's what he wants. 

Fucking blows there was only 1 WS appearance under his belt. Granted we won it so no more bitching on me end. I just wish one of the other very good teams ended up giving Jon another WS start. There's nothing better than Jon Lester in a World Series tell me I'm wrong. 

Unsurprisingly Lester is being an awesome guy this weekend and buying everyone Miller Lites. As if we need any more reasons to love this guy or want him back one more year:

Do the right thing Tom