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Playing Penn State Without The Whiteout Crowd Is Basically Like Playing Purdue: Buckeyes By A Million

Listen, Urban Meyer says the White Out crowd is worth 7 to 10 points, and I've never taken that man to be a liar. So if we weren't in the middle of the worst pandemic of our lifetime, my concern level for heading into a raucous Happy Valley atmosphere would be at about 5%. I think the Buckeyes are a clear 20 points better than Penn State this year, but a crowd of 110,000 could knock that down to a much more dangerous number where anything could happen if the ball bounced the wrong way a couple times. But the fact of the matter is that only 1,000 fans will be in attendance tonight. I'll admit it was going to be hard playing 11 on 110,011. But I think the Buckeyes can manage 11 on 1,011. This one is going to come down to talent, coaching, and having the best (non-covid having) quarterback in the country. All three aspects of the game in which Ohio State absolutely wipes the floor with Penn State on.

Oh, another key factor in tonight's game is that Penn State stinks.

Everyone is calling this a much anticipated game and I just don't see why. I know there's not a huge slate of good games on this weekend, but are we really trying to sell this to the American people like this is a Game of the Week? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Penn State just lost to INDIANA last Saturday.  I'll admit that Penn State is better than what the final score showed, with them out-gaining the Hoosiers 488 to 211 and out-possessing them 40 minutes to 20 minutes, but they still lost......

To Indiana.......

This game should be a noon start on ESPN2. Not the College Gameday 7:30 primetime spot. Because Penn State without the whiteout crowd is nothing more than Purdue. A nobody. Tonight's the night to catch up on your sleep.....for two reasons:

1.) Daylight Savings Time

2.) This game will be over by the half

My biggest question mark of the entire game for the Buckeyes isn't that their defense allowed Nebraska to walk into the endzone on their first drive last week, nor is it if Chris Olave is good to play tonight. My biggest question mark is how in the world has the line dropped from Ohio State -12 to Ohio State -10? The ultimate goal is a win here and I really don't care by how much, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be closer to 100 than 10. Like, am I missing something here? Better team.....better crowd......this seems like a 45-17 stroll in the park. Play the seniors, Coach Day.

Side Note: 

We can officially stop the "Michigan is good" train after 1 week. Remember when the whole world anointed them as a threat this season after beating Minnesota last week? Well……..

Maryland, lol. Minnesota has now also lost to Maryland. So does that make Maryland a "legit threat" to Ohio State now, too?