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Lana Rhoades And Mike Majlak, America's Internet Couple, Have Broken Up

I'm going to let you in on some things underneath the hood. The blog above, which I wrote in January, is my most viewed blog of 2020. Makes sense, Lana Rhodes is a legend and Mike Majlak was well on his way to making it big.

Since that blog, I've kept up with Lana and Mike. They were America's internet couple. A porn star and a YouTube star. They even made an appearance in HQ in late September.

But now? They appear to be broken up:

You never know with these internet stars, it could all be a scheme to get them more attention, but this one seems to be real.

Truly brutal. Karim, a close friend of Majlak, reached out with support:

Majlak is working for Barstool in another universe. When I wrote the first blog, I made fun of him a little bit, but the guy lives the life and seems pretty awesome. Could definitely have seen him with Barstool instead of Logan Paul's crew.

If you're surprised that breakups are now being broadcast on YouTube, don't be. That's how these zoomers roll. They're even doing videos right now that are messages to their ex's:

Which are then followed up with videos announcing you're dating your ex's best friend:

Anyways back to Mike and Lana. It appears in the video that they were on different pages. Lana wanted the relationship to take the next step (e.g. living together) and Mike wasn't ready for that.

The internet will rejoice with the news that Lana is single again. Possibly the most universally loved woman on the internet by the male species.