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Class Vs. No Class





Not to beat a dead horse with this shit, but there is the right way to do things and there is the wrong way to do things.  Everything Jordan did was right.  Everything Lebron does is wrong.  Jordan basically says he’s the best player of all time here without actually sounding obnoxious.  He said it with the right amount of tact.  And he said it AFTER they won 3 straight championships.  Something Bron Bron failed miserably trying to do.  Like you know that expression “you know it when you see it.”    That applies here.  One guy is likeable and one guy is an insufferable jerk.  Anybody can see the difference.   It’s not about how great either player is either.    Lebron is great.  I admit that.  He’s also a supreme cocksucker and not in the type of way Larry or MJ was on the court.  There is a difference between arrogance,cockiness, competitiveness and being a douchebag because you’re a douchebag.  Lebron is a douchebag.