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The NBA Is Threatening A 50 Game Season And We Could Be Headed For A Lockout

So we had some pretty big NBA news drop this morning, this time revolving around the potential start date of next season. You may remember that the league wants things to start up on December 22nd, which means around a December 1st date for training camp. That feels insanely early, and you knew there was a slim chance the players side and their union would agree to that date. It gives them almost no offseason. They came back and said they wanted to start around January 18th on MLK Day. The league wants to get back to as normal a schedule as possible, and TV partners are already pushing them to avoid bleeding into the summer. Something has to give.

The cap is already projected to be lower after this year from hell, so you can understand why players wouldn't be down for 50 games and an additional decrease in salary. This is basically how it works, both sides negotiate through the media with outrageous requests, and then eventually they come to a resolution.

There is the other side of the coin though. The owners could decide to say fuck it and terminate the current CBA. The result of that? A lockout. That's the last thing the league needs right now.

It would be really unfortunate if that were the case. Especially with all the momentum heading into the season after the Orlando Bubble worked out so well. It's also not the best look for another league to be bitching about millions and millions of dollars, on both sides. People don't exactly want to hear about that shit right now while the world is going to shit. 

What makes this tricky is let's say the league wins out and they start on December 22nd. Well how are they going to handle all the load management that is surely to follow? Nobody followed those rules before, and how are they going to tell their biggest stars to suck it up and play, especially if those teams made deep runs in Orlando. Then you have to consider all the teams that didn't make the bubble. They've been off for lord knows how long, they're ready to roll now. The whole thing is a mess.

All I ask is they please figure this shit out and don't have a lockout. I will say a 50 game schedule would be pretty nuts in terms of every single game would be massively important. No taking games off or punting on random games in December if there's only 50 games. I could get behind that.