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BREAKING: Steve Cohen's Bid To Buy The New York Mets Has Officially Been Approved By MLB Owners

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS! After almost a year worth of twists, turns, and everything else that comes with being a Mets fan, Steve Cohen has been voted in as the new owner of the New York Mets, which puts him comically ahead financially than any other owner.

Like we've said a million times, Uncle Stevie bringing billions upon billions of dollars to Flushing doesn't ensure winning or championships. Every fan of the other orange and blue dumpster fire in New York knows that. But his money along with his brain and his ruthless ability to get what he wants should at worst ensure the Mets will actually become a big market club if not a perennial contender full of not only star players but also rock solid infrastructure embracing analytics and the such like all the other big market teams that have been purchased this century.

MLB not live streaming this vote seems crazy to me considering every single person on #MetsTwitter shattered their thumb refreshing their feed for the glorious news. But we all know how much Rob Manfred hates ratings.

Since Cohen now has the team, I imagine all that other bullshit with that clownshoe de Blasio is worthless now since it sounds like that was allegedly one last gasp by A-Rod, whoops I mean Alex-R to get the owners to vote against Steve Cohen, which they didn't because they have a brain and a shitload of debt coming their way. de Blasiocan fight Cohen over the land. But Uncle Stevie could just buy the moon and move his brand new baseball team to play there instead, so it sounds like de Blasio is about to be the last person to bend the knee before Cohen starts putting heads on spikes to greet the visitors at his Opening Day Gala.

Thanks for all the shirt money, clown!

Tons more to talk about despite this being all we've pretty much talked about the last year. I just want every Mets fan reading this to know how happy I am for each and every one of you. You truly deserve this. And for fans of other teams in similar situations as the Mets used to be in, I truly hope you get to experience a day like today before you die.

#MyPresident #MyOwner #MyGod

I'm gonna hop on CCK with KFC at 2 to talk about this glorious day and an emergency episode of We Gotta Believe will be dropping today. Subscribe now to get it as soon as it comes out.