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Boise State's QB "Secret Weapon" Is... His Girlfriend

Boise State QB Hank Bachmeier started off his 2020 season very well:

The sophomore is the next great Boise State QB, a school that seems to produce great college QB after great QB. What is their secret? How does the school in Idaho keep producing great talent? We don't know the secret sauce, but we do know that Hank Bachmeier's "secret weapon:"

My first thought when I saw this article was "did his girlfriend write this?"

SOURCE-Like a lot of couples, Hank Bachmeier and Jenna Vitamanti studied together in high school.

When Bachmeier graduated early from Murrieta Valley High to enroll at Boise State in January 2019, that dynamic changed — but only slightly.

Bachmeier would send Vitamanti pages from the Boise State playbook, and she would make flash cards with the play name and all important notes.

“I would literally just have her go over each install and have her read me the formation and the play and then I would go through it in my head,” Bachmeier said. “We’d be on FaceTime for like two hours every night going over it. She’d read play by play and I’d say right hash, left hash, flip the formation, and she’d go through it all.”

An American love story. Once his girlfriend Jenna got to Boise, she became a member of the cheerleading team.

I mean this is something out of a movie. When I was starting to read this I thought I was going to downgrade Bachmeier, but no. This is a beautiful story between Bachmeier and Vitamanti. She may as well be the offensive coordinator.

Idaho's First Couple: