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Even Jacob deGrom Lives In A Shitty 1 Bedroom NYC Apartment

Coldwell BankerNew York Mets starting pitcher and 2014 National League Rookie of the Year, Jacob deGrom, is about as “down home” as you get in New York City. He and his wife, Stacey, call the Big Apple home during the season, but after watching his video you’ll see that the place they truly call home is in Florida. Calling a tiny 1-bedroom condo in the Upper East Side home is not something Jacob or Stacey ever envisioned, yet it very much feels like home to them now. Family photos and memories adorn the walls. The addition of the world tiniest and cutest puppy, Pixie, has added another bit of joy into their home, and while Jacob deGrom was suspect of having a pooch in an apartment, he’s now clearly smitten with the new member of the family. There’s a piece of artwork hanging in the deGrom’s bedroom that reads “Together is a beautiful place to be”. After seeing Stacey and Jacob deGrom interact and experience their thoughts and dreams of home in the video, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate message to define the home they are building together.

Listen I love the old “Home is where the heart is” mentality. Some “As long as we got each other” Growing Pains theme song shit. Doesnt matter where we live as long as we live together. Blah blah blah. Let me tell you what:

That ain’t real life in this godforsaken city. Maybe you can say that in 99% of the rest of the country but when you’re living in a piece of shit one bedroom apartment paying out of your asshole it doesnt feel like home. When you live amidst bums and garbage in a tiny place in a shitty neighborhood and a 4 story walk up, that aint home. Thats basically like renting a prison cell. And while I understand that most of us got no choice, but Jake deGrom?? Rookie of the Year and #1 ace of a Major League Baseball team? Making 600 grand and on his way to tens of millions of dollars? Even he isnt getting a 2 bedroom?? Man, fuck this city. Fuck it right in its stupid money grubbing face.

PS – Does Jacob really want bonus points for buying his furniture? I didnt even know renting furniture was a thing. I mean granted I buy all my furniture from Bobs and it completely sucks and it falls apart so fast and I replace it so often its probably exactly like renting, but still. I’m not ever going to actually rent my couch and shit, Jacob. You shouldnt either. You dont get a gold star for being a professional athlete that owns furniture.