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Bussin With The Boys Released A New Documentary on How They Got To Barstool And Ended Up With A “Stupid Ass Bus”

On January 31st, 2020 Will Compton and Taylor Lewan’s podcast Bussin’ With The Boys joined the Pirate Ship. At the time, the pod was not even a year old, but was already experiencing huge growth (in part due to moments like when Mike Vrabel admitted on the Bus that he’d chop his dick off in order to secure a Super Bowl).

This kind of viral moment is what makes Bussin’ different from almost any other football pod. Not only is it helmed by two current NFL players, but it’s their personality that sets them apart - they get guests so relaxed and comfortable they're willing to go beyond the normal sound bytes you get elsewhere. Whether it’s Isaiah Wilson admitting that he walked away from Nick Saban and Alabama because he didn’t get a hug or Kyle Rudolph breaking down why his game winning TD in the playoffs was NOT pass interference, the Boys are always able to get their guests to be real. 

This is why I was stoked when the Boys dropped a documentary that explored the origins of the friendship between Will and Taylor, as well as the history of the podcast itself. It’s incredibly well made and gives a lot of insight into how difficult it is to get something like this off the ground. As Taylor noted in the doc, “The thing that made us start this podcast is Will. This is his baby." As 50-50 partners, the duo credit a ton of their success to, of all things, their mobile studio. "I don't think we'd be where we are without buying this stupid ass bus," Will noted with a laugh. Kind of amazing when you think the bus cost them a total of $2000 (before renovations). 

Not long after they joined Barstool, I had Will and Taylor on Barstool’s Friends Forever: The Game Show, to test their friendship. Not only was it apparent how close they really are (they won the entire season), but they are exactly who they appear to be on the pod. Funny, quick, real and interested in creatively collaborating on new projects. They are some of my favorite people at the company which is interesting given how I’ve never actually met them in person yet. 

I cannot wait to see what this pod ends up looking like as they progress in their careers and how they help other athletes to launch their own creative endeavors. 

Check out the documentary below!