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More NBA Agents Are Crying About LeBron And Klutch Sports And It's Getting Pathetic

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Jesus Christ, NBA agents really need to get their shit together and stop complaining about Klutch Sports and Rich Paul. It was just last week that an anonymous agent was crying about how Rich Paul and LeBron conduct business with their clients 

and now here we are getting more of it because of the NBA Workouts that they put on for two of their clients. Be more jealous, you can't. I'm pretty sure last night was one of the few times NBA workouts were actually made public, and to get them on ESPN2 is simply Klutch thinking ahead and outside the box. Of course it's going to help their brand and be publicity for them, that's why they did it! If another agent had thought of this and had high lottery picks that ESPN cared about I bet they wouldn't be upset. But because it's LeBron and Klutch everyone is getting all bent out of shape. It's pathetic. Is their argument that Klutch shouldn't be able to do anything in their power to help their clients? Isn't that what an agent is supposed to do? If this helps them get more clients who are projected to be the best of the best, or maybe improves the draft stock of their client, well welcome to the free market. Again, if you don't like it, try something like this yourself.

I hate having to stick up for LeBron and Klutch, but this is getting ridiculous. To me it sounds like all these agents are throwing temper tantrums because LeBron and Klutch are stuffing them in a locker and running circles around them in the agency game. They've now become THE place to be. NBA stars are firing their agents to join Klutch all the time, all the top prospects are signing on. They know that being associated with LeBron and Rich Paul is most likely going to help. That's just the world we live in.

Imagine getting upset because this was on TV?

Meanwhile I envision LeBron and Rich Paul laughing their asses off over this. If anything, all this pushback from other agents is only going to help. They knew this reaction would happen which I'm sure is just the cherry on top.