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I Enjoyed This Local Commercial From Mistwood Golf Course

I don't give a fuck if you think this isn't blogworthy. I'm the one writing blogs not you, and this one's going up because I love a good local commercial. I talked about this the other week with Empire Carpet vs. Luna Carpet. It's in the fabric of our DNA as Chicago people to love a low budget commercial 

This one from Mistwood is really no different. Just a couple dudes blasting candy off the faces of small children. Maybe it was my exposure to Billy Madison at a young age but beating up on little kids with sporting equipment will never not make me laugh

Sometimes it's that easy. Sometimes it's that simple. 

While on topic, Mistwood is an awesome facility. Great course, awesome range with the bar built up next to it. Been pretty hard to get a tee time there all 2020 and for good reason. It's in the top-tier Chicago public rotation right next to Cog Hill, Ruffled Feathers, Harborside for me. One time I made birdie on 1 then carded 8-6-7 and was absolutely obliterated by the time I had a hot dog on 9. Sue me for being passionate. 

Anyways great commercial Mistwood. Good thing JB Pritzker can't ruin your business for another couple months.