Bart Scott Finishes First in the 'Bill Belichick Should Be Fired' Sweepstakes

In Monday morning's Knee Jerk Reactions to the loss to the 49ers, I threw in this little side note:

I'm well aware of how ugly it's about to get discussing this franchise and how they've handled the skill positions the last couple of years. It's like when Captain Cook stumbled and bled, the natives who considered him to be a god, became angered to find out he was mortal and stabbed him to death. That's coming if this team doesn't at least make the playoffs.

I had the right historical reference. But I was off by a factor of weeks. And that's to my shame. I should've known better. In my defense I was into like hour four of writing and wasn't considering the Hot Take world we live in. But no excuses. Blog like a champion today. I should've realized it would take days, not weeks, for the pundits to sense Belichick's mortality and come to finish him off. 

And if I was drawing up a list of likely candidates to be the first to ask for Belichick to be fired, I would've had Bart Scott right at the top of the ticket. Along with Bill Polian, Rob Parker, Nick Wright, Max Kellerman, Max Kellerman, Shannon Sharpe. Possibly Rex Ryan, but even someone as consumed with envy at The Hooded One's success as him is still part of that fraternity of former coaches now on TV who are reluctant to violate that code. I mean, Tony Dungy has been seething with animosity toward Belichick for decades, but he wouldn't go that far. I truly believe he'd rather see his old rival stay in coaching and failing miserably forever, so he can go on sermonizing about how "disappointed" he's been by all the rules bending all these years. 

So why not Bart Scott? The author of one of the great teabaggings any opponent has done during the Dynasty Era:

Sure, he's saying he's only demanding GM Bill be fired, not Coach Bill, who he says is still good. But I'm not splitting that particular hair. And his argument is, what? That GM Bill hasn't drafted a Pro Bowler since 2013? That's his fireable offense? 

Great. Let's have at it. Here's a partial list of GM Bill's accomplishments in the seven years since the 2013 draft, Lightning Round style. GO:

  • Drafted the best guard tandem in the NFL with third and fourth round picks
  • Got (should've been) Super Bowl MVP James White in the fourth
  • Used a fourth rounder to get Malcolm Mitchell, who made huge catches in a 25-point Super Bowl comeback before injuries ended his career
  • Got Sony Michel, who had one of the great postseasons ever by a rookie, averaging 116 yards and 2 TDs while winning a ring
  • Signed Malcolm Butler, JC Jackson and David Andrews as UDFA
  • Resurrected the careers of Kyle Van Noy, Dion Lewis and Trent Brown, just to name a few
  • Signed Darrelle Revis and Stephon Gilmore
  • Built two defenses that were No. 1 in the league, five that were in the top eight
  • Built six straight final four teams
  • Built four Super Bowl teams
  • Built three Super Bowl champions

You can try and put that all on Brady, but he wasn't the one building the best defense in the league, keeping the 2018 Rams out of the red zone and finding all those overlooked players at the NFL equivalent of the Swap Shop at your town dump. If the Bart Scotts think just anyone can have that record of success while drafting at the end of every round and having multiple picks taken away by the league over nothing, I'd like to know who they'd hire to replace him. 

GM Bill is the only one I want making the calls around here, because he's the best there has ever been. And if he's going to be replaced, the only one I want is the second best choice. 

Kiss the Rings.