Dallas Visits Philly on SNF And This Is One Game Eagles Fans Can Feel Great About

Eagles Cowboys Sunday Night Showdown. Orrrrrr a pillow fight between two franchises with major holes all over their rosters and bad play. But thankfully, for every team the Cowboys play, this is an opportunity to build confidence and play clean football.

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This could NOT have been what the NFL schedule makers envisioned when they booked this for the primetime game at the halfway mark of the NFL Season. But thankfully, for every team the Cowboys play, including the Eagles, this is an opportunity to build confidence and play clean football.

How bad are things going for the Dallas Cowboys? Let’s check in with Vegas, shall we? The Opening Line on the game with the Eagles was released at 9:28 a.m. on October 21st, 2020 and was … -3. Hahahahahaha. As of this writing, the Barstool Sports App has the Eagles -9, and this number will probably hit double figures by game time. That’s surreal, and a reflection of just how little confidence anyone has in this Cowboys team is that 2/3rd of the money is currently coming in on the Eagles, meaning that line’s going to continue moving. 


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This Dallas team, get this, is 0-7 against the spread and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. This team is as much of a sure thing to fade, if not more so, than the NY Jets. 

How sad is that? So, so sad. 

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HAMMER the under at 43. This team won’t score more than a FG and the Eagles have one legit receiver and it appears Miles Sanders will sit another week, leaving Travis Fulgham, Richard Rodgers and Boston Scott to carry the load of the offense. 

Plus, the Cowboys defense (the worst in the NFL) will actually be getting some pieces back this week (hopefully). Xavier Woods returned to full practice, and Chido Owuzie and Sean Lee look ready to take snaps. The loss of Everson Griffen, Dontari Poe, and Daryl Worley is almost like addition by subtraction, they’ve played so poorly most of the year. Whoever they put in their slot can’t possibly be a step back. Can it? I don’t actually know. 

Prediction:  Eagles 37 Cowboys 3

I’ll be back to update this on Sunday with any additional personnel news and some prop bets.