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The Scene Of People Fleeing Paris To Avoid Another Lockdown Is Insane

Another day, another real life scene that looks like something from an apocalyptic movie scene. The people just absolutely jammed up trying to get into the country to avoid the impending doom that is coming. It looks like Independence Day and the only people left in the city are the crazies looking to be abducted

I can understand people wanting to get out of the city ahead of a lockdown. The lockdowns suck. They do. They have to be even worse in France because they don't have football. Having said…FUCK this traffic. I think that is the big discussion here…would you rather spend 4+ hours stuck in infuriating traffic or locked in your house, warm on your couch, watching TV and ordering take out? Honestly, give me the couch. I HATE waiting in lines and I hate traffic. At least if I am on quarantine lockdown I can take a piss whenever I want and not do it in a bottle while trying to drive. And if there's another person with you, forget about it. At least at home you can pretend to take a shit for 30 minutes and scroll on your phone rather than trying to force a conversation or sit there in silence. Hard pass. I'll stay put, locked in, and bored out of my mind, but at least I am king of my own very small castle. I'm not going anywhere, but I have nowhere to be.