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Meyers Leonard Is Hauling Ass Across The Country In This Beer RV And He Better Stop In Cincinnati For A Shotgun

Not since Caleb, Hank, Yev and Busboy Benny drove all around the South have I wanted to be part of an RV tour more. Meyers Leonard likes to drink beer and basketball. Ironically enough those are arguably two of my favorite things in the world. He's even got an adorable pup to keep company. But talk about an all-time up and up for Meyers Leonard and I'm not just talking about being a lottery pick. He dominated the NBA Bubble with shotgun contests: 

Now I need him to stop in Cincinnati. Just me and him hanging out, throwing back some beers, talking hoops and talking shit. There's nothing better than that. Can even have his pup play with my pup, make a day out of it. It's not that far from Cincinnati to Illinois. Plus I've always wanted a huge friend. I'm not talking like 6'5" or anything like that. Not even my buddy who is 6'9", 300. I'm talking Meyers Leonard. Need the giant as a best friend.

We'll skip the Skyline, Meyers. Delete beers, hang out, enjoy Cincinnati. This is my open invitation.