Friday Fights: Battle Of The Hockey Enforcers

If you watched "Goon 2: Last Of The Enforcers", then you'll know that Battle of the Hockey Enforcers played a big role in the storyline for that movie. 

Now outside of the LNAH which operates as an actual hockey league but definitely has way more fights than goals per game, I can't imagine there would be many hockey organizations out there who would put on an event like "Battle of the Hockey Enforcers" these days. There's already so many dorks out there in the world who are trying to get fighting out of hockey to begin with, so I'd imagine finding somebody hosting event that is essentially just backyard boxing on ice would be hard to come by. 

That is, of course, until people finally start listening to the idea that I've been throwing out there for years. Rough N' Rowdy On Ice. 

Imagine a Rough N' Rowdy Winter Classic. Maybe find some shitty rink up near Niagara Falls so you can have a bunch of American and Canadian tilly's. Little battle of the border action, ya know? You could get Whit and Biz on the commentary. I don't need you to tell me it's a great idea because I already know it is, but if you want to go ahead and say I'm a genius then I won't stop you. We need Battle of the Hockey Enforcers back and perhaps we're the only people out there who can make it happen. If only just for one night.  Just something to think about.