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Reports Of LaMelo Ball Stinking During NBA Draft Interviews Is Simply LaVar's Greatest Trick Yet

I'm not believing this one second. Not one second at all. There's zero chance LaMelo has stunk during interviews. The dude has been a pro for a few years, he's been in the spotlight. This is coming from his camp. Why? Because clearly LaVar doesn't want LaMelo to play in Minnesota or Golden State. This is internal sabotage and I've never been so sure of something. Remember this story? 

You can say whatever you want about the kid, but if you don't think he's a clear top-3 prospect in this draft, you're trying too hard. He's 6'7", is a really damn good passer and can still score. There is no one in this class that has improved more than LaMelo. Him going over to Australia was the best thing for him. He played in a decent pro league, against guys that had some run in the NBA. More importantly he produced while over there. That says a lot, no matter what you think about the kid or his family. 

But back to the report. You better believe I'm 100% buying into this making it easier for the Knicks to land LaMelo. Speak it into existence. 

You can totally trade up to 3 with Charlotte. Michael Jordan doesn't do draft prep, he just looks for Carolina dudes to draft. Dangle Reggie Bullock in front of his face and he'll jump all over it. I want nothing more than LaMelo on the Knicks. I need it. He has legit star potential and that's what the Knicks need. Plus, LaVar and Dolan? That could be the one thing that saves us as Knicks fans. 

I say this all the time around Draft season, take every single report with a massive grain of salt. They are always leaked by agents or teams trying to finagle a situation. Very rarely are they entirely accurate. That's why I don't believe LaMelo has stunk during any interviews yet. This is a position play and LaVar's best trick yet.