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Tigers Waste No Time And Hire That Smug Cheating Asshole AJ Hinch As Their Next Manager

Eric Gay. Shutterstock Images.

AJ Hinch's one year vacation from baseball has come to a close and the Detroit Tigers have wasted no time in hiring him to be their next manager. I'm not surprised in the slightest that he was hired, it just further shows how much of a joke the punishment he and Luhnow received was. Oh no he had to sit out a 60 game covid season! The horror! The guy was probably thrilled to not have to deal with all the bullshit that happened in 2020. He sat on his couch with his feet up as he probably laughed at the chaos that unfolded this summer. In a way Hinch got rewarded for cheating his way to a World Series title. Now as the Astros roster dissipates with more and more free agent departures, he gets to take over a young Tigers team full of potential. I fucking hate Rob Manfred. Only he could mess this up. If you let Hinch back into baseball he should have been forced to manage a Single A team and ride the bus to road games across the coast. Nope, he's back like nothing ever happened. Idiots. 

Should Hinch have been banned for life from the game of baseball? No question about it. Should he be in prison? You can make that argument. To Rob Manfred this guy got a severe punishment that truly made him feel sorry for what he did and should tell you everything you need to know about the commissioner of the MLB. He thinks sitting out a year from managing was enough for Hinch to really feel the pain for the heinous crimes he committed. This motherfucker doesn't regret a single thing. Arrest Rob Manfred.