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Scarlett Johansson Is Officially Off The Market!

I mean look, announcing your marriage to the world on a Meals on Wheels Instagram post isn't exactly traditional, but damn it if it isn't classy! Sure, ScarJost could have made a big production out of it, maybe even graced the cover of People Magazine with a title like "ScarJost Ties the Knot -  exclusive photos of their wedding and why even the SNL writer couldn't have written a more fairy tale romance," but this isn't Scarlett's first rodeo. She's already been down this aisle twice before with Ryan Reynold and Romain Dauriac; she's done the whole dog and pony show... why do it a third time? 

People knew they were engaged and in most scenarios that don't include a certain Dunder Mifflin receptionist, the assumption is the wedding is next. They don't need the exhausting opinions of the public or the paparazzi fighting to sneak pictures of the big day to make it feel official. So instead they decided to keep it on the DL and retroactively use their moment to help others in need. (Click here if you wish to donate.)

And that's Jost great. 

Congrats to the newlyweds, farewell to one of my celebrity crushes, and well done to the unbelievably sexy Scarlett Johansson.