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December 19 Will Be the Best College Sports Day of All-Time

With sports schedules all being thrown into flux this year, college football's traditional championship weekend — usually the first Saturday in December — will occur a couple weeks later this year. The SEC, ACC and Big Ten Championship games will all definitely be on December 19, and the Big 12's title game could also end up being on the same day — the Pac-12 is slated to play that Friday night.

The SEC announced today that its game will kick off at 8 p.m. rather than its usual 3:30 slot. I didn't really know why that was until I saw all the awesome college basketball games we also already have confirmed for that Saturday, as well.

So just on CBS, we'll have possibly-No. 1 Gonzaga taking on an Iowa team that should also compete for a national championship and then two other likely Top 25 matchups with North Carolina-Ohio State and Kentucky-UCLA. And all that is leading into the SEC Championship Game.And that's with most basketball teams still not having their schedules finalized. Who knows what other great non-conference basketball matchups could end up happening that day?

And as if just the conference title games weren't enough college football for you, there could be early bowl games happening that weekend, as well. So if Alabama is beating the hell out of Georgia again, you will hopefully be able to tune in to Nevada and Liberty squaring off in the New Mexico Bowl.

So on the last weekend before Christmas, we're going to have at least three Power Five football title games, a slew of awesome college basketball and oh yeah, there will likely be three NFL games that day, too.

The Athletic — In May, long before any college games got moved to the third Saturday in December, the NFL announced it would air tripleheaders on Dec. 19 and 26, with all but one of the games to be aired on NFL Network. (One will be streamed exclusively on Amazon.) That plan has not changed, with an NFL source acknowledging the conflict is “not ideal, but I don’t think there’s anything we’d do about it.”

This is going to be the best sports day ever. Everybody was looking forward to the NBA and NHL playoffs happening during football season, but this is taking it to another level. I can't wait.

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