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Florida Friday: Florida Man Paid $150 For 'Full-Contact Experience' With a Leopard. Guess What Happened Next

If you guessed that the Florida man mentioned in the headline who paid $150 for a full-contact leopard experience received a pleasant encounter with the animal, I am sorry to report that quite the opposite occurred.

KSWO — Detectives with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) say the savage attack happened in an enclosure at a South Florida home owned by Michael Poggi.

The man has a Facebook page saying he’s an exotic animal breeder. He is licensed to have the leopard.

Investigators say Dwight Turner paid Poggi to play with the big cat, rub its belly and take pictures.

The FWC report says the leopard attacked once the man walked inside the enclosure.

Florida is the only state in America where one can visit a man's backyard for a full-contact encounter with a leopard and walk right into the enclosure and just see what happens. I think we can all agree we don't want the entire country to run like Florida, but in a nation as big as ours, it's nice to have one part of it where things like this are allowed to happen. If you want to live life on the edge, you're able to head on down to the peninsula and see what kind of adventure you can find.

And then if you want to live in a place where there aren't people doling out maulings from big cats for $150, there are dozens of states suitable to your tastes as well. Everybody wins.

So let this story serve as the ultimate lesson in getting what you pay for. If you ever want to have an encounter with a leopard, pay for one where you won't have your face ripped off.