The White Sox Never Even Interviewed AJ Hinch

This is an absolute abortion, and apparently there are a lot of people PISSED OFF at Reinsdorf right now... and by people, I mean employees of the White Sox:

To not even interview AJ Hinch is GROSS negligence. It's infuriating to not even hear the guy out. At least bring him in, sit him down, and let him tell his side of the Astros cheating scandal story. Maybe, just maybe, your mind changes on him Jerry. But nope. Just target one guy (your buddy) and say, "fuck what Rick, Kenny and others are built, this is who we're hiring and you all have no say" 

It's complete and total bullshit. Hopefully nobody quits because of this shit. QUIT FUCKING MEDDLING JERRY. GO SIGN CHECKS AND COLLECT YOUR MONEY. LET THE GMs GM.

FUCK I'm furious. Always fucking something with this team.