There Was Nothing Sweeter Than Marian Hossa BOMBS On Breakaways

I wrote the blog earlier today about the top 5 worst coaching decisions ever and of course including Bombay's goalie usage in the Goodwill Games. Someone on twitter brought up the fact that Gunner Stahl ripped a clapper in the shootout. Rare move. The full stop is technically illegal in shootouts, but the claps are a rare move. This is what the guy said

He's not necessarily "wrong". Usually less accurate. Goalie knows exactly what is coming when you wind your stick back. There's a reason why it's seldom done. Having said that...the Marian Hossa breakaway BOMBS were arguably the sweetest thing he did. I was in the building when he was on Detroit in 2008-09 when he did it against the Blackhawks. That was the first time I had seen it done and I've LOVED it ever since

I just want to go on the record…slapshots on breakaways are sweet and I wish more guys could do it, but there's only one Marian Hossa. I miss him every day