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You Probably Don't Play Nearly Enough Street Hockey These Days, Do You?

When's the last time the squad got together, drug a rusty old Mylec net out into the street, threw the sticks in the middle to pick teams, and played a game with just as much significance to you as a game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final? Chances are it has been a long ass time. It's been a long ass time for you, and it's been a long ass time for everybody. And it shows. 

The world needs street hockey now more than ever. Just think back to those days for a moment. What were your only real cares in the world while you were saucing around the avenue with the squad? You cared about losing your ball, you cared if a car came through, or if you cared if the cops showed up to kick you off if you were playing on a tennis court or something like that. But that was pretty much it. 

Those were better times. Those were simpler times. But most importantly, those are times that we can easily get back into our lives.  

There's no age limit on street hockey. It is your Constitutional right as an American to dangle the asphalt as much as you want, as hard as you want. And I think that's what so many of us are missing from our lives these days. 

It's a crazy time we're living in. You turn on the news and the world is going to hell. You log in to any app to try to escape, and that app is yelling at you to vote. You go to Chuck E. Cheese to avoid it all and they tell you, "sir, we're going to have to ask you to stop coming in here without a kid. It's getting weird". It feels as if there's no way to get out of this downward spiral we're all taking straight to hell. But maybe, just maybe, we get the squad back together and play a little pavement puck. Because those were the last days that any of us were truly free. 

Game on!