The Big Ten Is No Longer A Conference.....It Is A Dictatorship

How.....? Why......? WHAT?

Listen, if Wisconsin is unable to play Nebraska......and I really mean UNABLE to play. Not that they're going to get beat. Or that they'll have to play their 4th string QB. I mean truly UNABLE to field a team, then Nebraska should be free to schedule any game they want. As long as the other team tests negative for covid beforehand, why can't Nebraska play this weekend?

The Big Ten obviously has a vendetta against Nebraska for being the catalyst in bringing back football this season. And they made that very clear when they released the schedule. At Ohio State in week 1, hosting Wisconsin in week 2, and then against Penn State in week 4. That is no coincidence. Oh you guys want to play football? Enjoy getting the brakes beaten off you in each of the first couple weeks. No one cares about an 0-4 team. And now they're showing that they will continue to screw Nebraska every chance they get by not allowing them to find a replacement game. This is utterly ridiculous.

Nebraska's statement on the matter:

TLDR; Nebraska tried to find a game, only considering teams with stronger testing protocols than the Big Ten. They found a game. The Big Ten said no. 

Oh, and Nebraska "respects their decision". Yeah right. They respect the $$$ that comes along with being in the conference. And the fact that the Big 12 doesn't even want them back anyways. Nebraska is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. They absolutely have to leave the conference. They're just making decisions out of spite now. But also, how can you decide to leave that money on the table in the midst of a financial crisis / pandemic? And where are you going to go?

Which is why their only option is to bend over and say sorry Mr. Big Ten for thinking we should be allowed to schedule a completely healthy football team this week since you cancelled our other one. Which they did.