The Packers Trading For Will Fuller Would Be Unbelievable (No One Tell Them He's a Former 1st Round Pick)

Next Tuesday's NFL trade deadline is fast approaching and the Packers appear to be interested in adding a shiny new toy to Aaron Rodgers' weaponry. Now I'm not entirely sure if they realize he's a former first round pick or not, so that may squash things when push comes to shove on Tuesday. For those unaware, you're legally not allowed to acquire first round offensive talent in Green Bay to help 12 out. Hypothetically, if a draft class has about nine WRs that could go in round one and you could use a receiver you have to take a backup QB. Those are the rules, sorry. 

Now if Packers GM Brian Gutekunst wants to get nuts and actually help out Rodgers then the Texans are certainly a prime team to give a call as they sit 1-6 after 7 games with a fired head coach/GM already having happened. Will Fuller V is a free agent after this year so Houston will likely look to get just about anything they can for the number one wideout. A big bugaboo for Fuller throughout his career has been health. Over the last three seasons he's only played in double digit games once. Granted, when he's on the field and not pulling his hamstring he's deadly. In 2020 he has managed to stay on the field for all seven games and is averaging 15.8 yards a catch with 5 TDs. Add this monster to the Packers already lethal offense and we could be looking at the most firepower in the league. With Davante back at all systems go, Lazard back practicing this week, Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams being studs, and Robert Tonyan breaking out, you add Will Fuller and it's almost unfair. That very well could be a more talented offense than the one Rodgers had when he won the Super Bowl.

So could it work in terms of cap? The answer is yes, barely. 

Good enough for me! Pull the trigger. What will it cost? A 6th rounder? Maybe a conditional 5th? Done and done. Considering Fuller is gone after this season and his injury history there's no shot Houston wants to bring him back. They're going to be looking to deal anyone not named Deshaun Watson. Watt would be another guy I'd take as a throw in, but he's got $17.5 mill owed to him next year so I doubt Green Bay wants anything to do with that. If Houston wants to pick up the tab I'm game, however. 

I have a soft spot for players with roman numerals attached to their name so I'm in before I even look at the details. Will Fuller V is a guy I need in Green Bay. Please Gute, make it happen.