Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Death Pool

Rumors are swirling, spoilers are flying. I’m trying to navigate the internet right now like a goddam mine field so that I can be surprised tonight when I watch. The consensus feeling here is that what transpires tonight on Thrones will rival the Red Wedding in terms of shock value. They say it will be worthy of internet reaction videos on Youtube. Now, this can mean a zillion things in the world of Thrones, but I think most people are assuming it means a major death. Or multiple deaths. So its not exactly perfect but we whipped up a Game of Thrones Death Pool. Multiple choice for who you think will die tonight with a write-in option to explain what you think is gonna happen and if you think more than 1 person will die. Most accurate prediction wins a free t shirt of their choice and all sorts of nerd bragging rights.