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Longtime Toolies: This Baby With an Enormous Hammer

Goodness gracious this kid sure is a hammerin fool. The confidence. The nonchalance. The precision. This kid already has more tricks in his size 24 month tool belt than I do. Probably has an ad deal in the wings for Baby Dickies or something. Incredible.

This video sent me back, man. It sent me to a memory I hadn’t conjured in a long while. When I was younger, I was an obnoxious little bastard. I was noisey and basically a rapscallion. My grand father would send me out to the back yard with a baby sack of nails and see how many nails I could hammer into a log in an hour. Trying to go quickly, I’d hit my thumbs repeatedly which demands the question. Is my grandfather the Charles Manson of getting children to murder their thumbs with hammers by proxy? Did I Manson Family my own thumb? If that was the intent, he’s an evil genius. Gotta respect it.