Bryce "Thug Nasty" Mitchell Was Ready To Fight Every Security Guard Employed By The UFC If They Didn't Let Him Wear Camo Shorts On Saturday

That's….uh….hmmm, how do I put this? I mean - that's some plan, Bryce! I suppose?

Certainly a lot of thought went into it! I just can't imagine even 1% of that plan creeping into reality (in any situation ever), making this kinda incredibly preposterous and hysterical.

Let's back things up a bit for those of you who are confused. This is Bryce Mitchell:

He's easily one of the more eccentric characters the UFC has to offer right now, and pretty much what you'd get if you gave a Rough N Rowdy fighter the skillset of a UFC-caliber talent. He's - for lack of a better term - an electric factory.

Mitchell actually gained notoriety years ago by live-tweeting a powerdrilling accident where he ripped his nutsack open….


You know it, brother.

For a couple years now, he's been cookin all of his opponents to the bone, and in every single one of his post-fight interviews (and in many post-fight tweets), he asks the UFC, Reebok, and Dana White to let him wear camo shorts in the octagon….

After picking up a huge win at UFC 249, Dana White decided to finally say "FUCK IT" and give the kid what he wants….

Here are the shorts he'll be wearing this weekend:

If they didn't let him wear those bad boys, though? We were gettin WWIII inside that octagon….

I loved some of the assumptions Bryce was making in his plan. For example: the security guards going into full-on attack mode once he KO'd one of them, and then his corner jumping in for a team-versus-team superfight? I'm pretty sure they'd all collectively just be trying to control the lunatic in camo shorts knocking out poor security guards if that happened.

This is why we love Bryce Mitchell tho. Never change buddy. 

P.S. I know this is probably the exact reaction they were trying to AVOID by not giving Bryce the camo shorts for so long, but I really hope this and the new deal with Venum opens the floodgates for fighters to customize their gear a bit more. It's a really cool part of the fight game that was lost in the Reebok deal.