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Top 5 Worst Coaching Decisions In Sports History

The Baseball boys had a GREAT discussion yesterday about Kevin Cash taking out Blake Snell in Game 6 of the World Series. People across the internet have been crushing Cash for his decision that ultimately cost the Rays the game. WSD and Carl break down where and how analytics should be applied when it comes to decisions like this. The last 19 minutes of the podcast is come of the best baseball talk you'll hear in media. 

Most people had this reaction

It got me to thinking about the all-time worst coaching decisions in sports history. Absolute morons that make Kevin Cash look like Will Hunting by comparison. Here is the list off the top of my head

5) Marty Mornhinweg Takes The Wind

11/24/2002, Lions vs Bears

The wind of gusting that day. No doubt. Steady 17MPH winds. The Bears came back late in 4th quarter after being down 17-7. The Lions win the coin toss in OT and...defer? They chose to have the wind at their backs and gave the Bears the ball. The Bears promptly took the ball and went down the field and Paul Edinger kicked a 40 yard FG to win. Underrated moment of being a moron in that same drive...after an incomplete pass on 3rd and 8, the Lions accepted a holding penalty to make it 3rd and 18 instead of 4th and 8. Bears completed their next two passes and picked up the first down. Belichick takes the wind, the Patriots win and he is a folk hero. Morninhweg does it and he's a moron and fired. The Patriots are the Patriots and the Lions are perpetually the Detroit Lions. 

The Eagles hired Marty in March and EDP was not pleased

4) Viktor Tikhonov Pulls Tretiak vs USA in the 1980 Olympics

An underrated part of the 1980 Miracle On Ice was a bonehead move by the USSR's head coach. Tretiak was the best goalie in the world at the time. You can make an argument that he was the best goalie of all-time. Certainly the best of his era. The backbone of the most dominant international program ever. He gave up a fluky goal at the end of the 1st period and he never returned. This freak was benched

Imagine pulling that guy in that moment just to send a message? Russia was never the same. It's shocking that ole Viktor wasn't immediately sent to the Gulags. 

3) Pete Carroll Didn't Give It To Marshawn Lynch

It's been talked about a billion times. When you have Beastmode inside the 5 you give the ball to him every time regardless of what the defensive personnel is out there. The old cliche is that when you throw the ball only 3 things can happen and two of them are bad. Well the worst thing imaginable happened and the Seahawks.

2) Gordon Bombay Puts Julie Gaffney In The Game For The Deciding Shootout Attempt

I lied earlier when I said Kevin Cash was the inspiration for this blog. He wasn't. I wanted to promote the podcast because that was a good discussion but this IDIOT on twitter is the reason why I actually wrote it. Bombay SUCKS and this was a horrendous decision. 

Sometimes decisions work out and sometimes they don't. That is life. All I care about is if the logic was sound and this was HORRIBLE logic. First things first…Julie should've been the starter throughout the entire tournament. She was ALWAYS the better goalie. Rare talent. Goldberg was a fat oaf. He has a place on the team, sure…as a back up. He would've been the perfect back up. Crack a joke or a fart at the perfect time to keep the team loose. You win with Gaffney. And yet…Bombay benched her for the entire tournament. Probably because he is a sexist pig who sees women(even moms) as objects. Then after Julie hadn't seen game action in weeks he puts her out there with the entire tournament on the line when she was ice cold. Reckless and stupid. She bailed him out because she was a stud, but Bombay was lucky, not good. If she had been playing the entire time then USA rolls through the Goodwill Games and Bombay probably doesn't even have yet another existential crisis that leads him to abandoning his team. They would've beat Iceland 4-1 with Julie in net. Fuck Bombay. The only decision worse…

1) Martinella Leaves Rowengartner In The Game

HE LOST HIS PITCH, MAN!!! GO TO THE FUCKING BULLPEN. In that situation literally everyone is available. You went from The Rocket to Gardenhoser. As soon as Gardenhoser's tendens became normal again and he couldn't throw 101 you gotta get someone up. Relying on stupid hidden ball tricks and letting him fucking float it to a guy who the analytics say hit Rowengartner VERY well was the height of stupidity. It's incredible that this isn't talked about more.  All time stupid moment. He froze and got lucky. Only the Mets could fuck up that decision. Martinella tried to gift wrap that for the Mets. 

That's all I got. Let me know what I missed.