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The Giants Have Had Their First Set Of Positive COVID-19 Tests With Players And Coaches Being Sent Home

As the helmet thumbnail told you at the entrance of this blog, the Giants got some bad news today. One player and two coaches from three different parts of the team are being sent home after testing positive for COVID-19. I was shocked that Andrew Thomas wasn't the offensive lineman that got the virus since that felt like the next part of his rookie year from hell. Instead it's Will Hernandez, who is allegedly meanest man on the planet according to every pre-draft blurb about him. Hopefully he shoves corona out of his body like he did to linemen after the whistle last year except he doesn't get a 15 yard penalty, the spread stops at three, and the coaches both get better quick since this virus seems to really fuck up the old and the heavy.

This is the part of the blog if I wonder if the Giants can overcome the odds and defeat a heavily-favored Tom Brady team in a night game that the entire football world is watching. #Hmmmmmm

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While I'm here, I'd like to be the first one to make the bad dad joke that if the Giants are forced to play without an offensive line on Monday night, will anyone even notice?

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Also thank GOD the media couldn't run this story into the ground.

Not today, Daniel Jones Hate Circle. Not today.