A Champion is Crowned - Big Brother All-Stars Finale Recap

Well, that's it. A season with tons of promise at the beginning wrapped up last night, as Cody was a very well-deserving winner and was crowned the champion of Big Brother All-Stars. Here is a recap of the final episode of the season:

HoH Part 2 - Camera Hogs: Enzo actually started off with great pace in this one, however, he totally blew this one by misreading one of the questions. By the time it was Cody's turn, all he had to do was avoid catastrophe to win the competition. And that is exactly what he did. The "Comp Beast" continued to be a "Comp Beast," as his time of 4:49 crushed Enzo's 37:38. However, the most important part of this comp was right after the results were revealed. We saw a side of Enzo we've never seen before, as he went on a rant showing his frustration with his performance. He said he wants out of the house and that Cody and Nicole should take each other to the Final Two, and it got pretty emotional. 

HoH Part 3 - Vinyl Exam: This perhaps was a multiple choice competition worth $500,000, and the details involved were very specific. You could sense that some of the answers from both Cody and Nicole were tough to think through, but with nothing to do but think in that house, it was probably easier for them than we saw. Cody won the trivia battle 8-7 to secure his spot in his second straight Final Two. 

Final Eviction: This was the juiciest part of the night. In a season that lacked blindsides, Nicole was not expecting to see the front door in this moment. Cody decided to take Enzo to the Final Two, and it was the former winner who would become the ninth and final member of the jury. 

Jury Vote: Cody 9, Enzo 0. It was a very-well deserved All-Stars win for Cody. He was not messing around since Day 1, when he won HoH on the very first week. He won all the comps, NEVER saw the block, and had very good relationships with nearly everybody in the house. I've been saying for weeks that Enzo's game heavily favored his social side, but didn't have many competition wins under his belt. There was no drama in the end, but the right person won.

America's Favorite Houseguest: Da'Vonne. I was expecting either her or Janelle to take home this $25,000 prize, but this was nice to see as well. BB Twitter definitely seemed to enjoy the two of them the most, so it was well-deserved.

So, that'll do it for our Big Brother coverage this season. Could we have used more blindsides that would have been more compelling television? Absolutely. But Julie did confirm that BB will be returning next summer, so hopefully this new batch of houseguests will make things interesting. Thanks for following along!