Bubba Watson Continues To Be The Biggest Try-Hard In Golf

Shut up, Bubba.  Just shut the fuck up.  Stop saying “You’re welcome” after you do trick shots.  It’s not cool.  Nobody thinks it’s cool except you.  That video perfectly sums up Bubba Watson.  Was that putt awesome?  Hell yes it was.  A super cool video and representation of just how fucking crazy the greens are gonna be at Chambers Bay next week.  But he ruined it, right at the last second like he always does.  He’s always THIS CLOSE to being the cool guy but then he screws it up somehow.  It’s always that way with him.  His name is Bubba.  That’s awesome.  He drives around on hover craft golf carts.  That’s awesome.  His golf game is self-taught, he doesn’t need a coach and it’s an extremely fun style to watch.  People love watching him crush drives. But his personality sucks.  No amount of trick shots or 350 yard drives can make up for it. It’s exactly why Bubba was voted Least Likely To Help In A Street Fight by the other Tour players. The guy sucks.