Wake Up With ‘The X-Flies’ Scariest Episode in Network TV History

Halloween week continues on the Wake Up with a scene from “The X Files” Season 4 Episode 2, “Home.” The description says it’s the first episode of the series to carry a TV-MA Rating upon broadcast and the only one to ever include a viewer discretion warning for graphic content.

It’s not hard to see why. A family of reclusive hillbillies who live on the outskirts of a peaceful town who have been inbreeding amongst themselves since before The Civil War. A kindly sheriff named Andy Taylor and his wife. Johnny Mathis singing “Wonderful, Wonderful.” What’s not to be terrified of? Hillbillies are my No. 1 scary archetype and not being able to protect your loved ones is everybody’s greatest fear, next to sappy 1950s love ballads. 

So this is just a masterclass in how to do horror where you don’t actually see anything. It’s all mood, setting and tone. And I’ve been scarred by it since it first aired. Now you can be too.