Dave Bringing Together Josh Richards And Nessa For A Podcast May Break TikTok

As Gaz put it.....GOOSEBUMPS:

You'll probably find yourself heading to the comments to talk about how much you don't care about this and how dumb it is I'm blogging it, but let me tell you....TikTok is going to care about this a bunch.

To explain what's going on:

Josh Richards used to date Nessa Barrett. This is Nessa:

Wearing NASCAR jackets is cool in the TikTok world. I know, shocking.

They broke up. It was very public and caused a lot of drama. Nessa recently released a song called Pain talking about how she has felt since the break up:

Josh Richards started a podcast with Dave.

The first time Josh and Nessa have talked publicly is on that podcast.

That's the equivalent of LeBron heading back to Cleveland to those in the TikTok world...it's a big deal.

I have talked to a source close to the podcast and have been told that "the tea is unbelievable." 

The world Dave is tuning into is one that doesn't know a lot about him, but boy are they going to learn. Nessa didn't even know who he was! But Portnoy and Barstool are coming to TikTok whether you like it or not.