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Dynasty Starts Now:The NBA Is Reportedly Terrified Of The Knicks Becoming A Kentucky SuperTeam

Finally! The Knicks are finally reading the blog and my tweets. I've been preaching this for years, especially during the bubble with the run by the Heat and every single player that went to Kentucky. Didn't matter if it was Anthony Davis, Bam, Tyler Herro, Jamal Murray, Devin Booker and the list goes on. You want Kentucky guys on your team. It's how you build a SuperTeam. And now the Knicks are trying to do that with Kenny Payne, Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes and it's music to my ears.

Become the villain, I don't care. Do anything to make people stop talking about James Dolan. And listen this is completely different than Photoshop SZN. This is one pipeline and a pipeline I know better than anyone in the world. The Kentucky pipeline. Hell, I changed my pants twice from premature after reading this 

"Also, if you're the Kentucky pipeline team, that's a good thing because that's the one true pipeline we have right now. All the Kentucky guys know each other, like each other. Every year they have top dudes."

"The league is kind of watching the Kentucky factor with that team.

Hell, the Knicks already have Kevin Knox. That's 1 for 1 on Kentucky guys. And sure, Knox struggled last year but I'm chalking. that up to the Knicks. Now he's reunited with Kenny Payne and I fully expect him to be awesome at running off of baseline screens and hitting jumpers like he did at Kentucky. Julius Randle signed in free agency, step. 2 completed. Maybe get him to call his friend Shai Gilgeous-Alexander up in a couple of years. Can't wait to see the Knicks with a lineup of: 

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Devin Booker, Jamal Murray, Bam Adebayo, Anthony Davis and a bench of KAT (that's right. We're bringing KAT off the bench), Kevin Knox, Tyler Herro, De'Aaron Fox, Keldon Johnson, Julius Randle and John Wall for leadership. 

All I know is the dynasty starts now. You start a Kentucky SuperTeam, you win a million titles. Those are just the rules. First we force Dolan out, then we start a Kentucky SuperTeam then we get the khakis. Thank me later.