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Louisville Is Building A New Hoops Dorm Trying To Get Rid Of The 'Stigma' Of The Old Ones - Where Hookers Squirted To The Ceiling (Allegedly)

I didn't know we're calling hookers and NCAA violations a 'stigma' now. That seems like the meanest thing to possibly call someone. And I know Vince Tyra wasn't the AD during that, but it's hilarious to hear him try and spin this. Minardi Hall is going to be no more and man did that give us some stories. Who could forget that hookers squirted to the ceiling

“He was just telling me the type of girls that he wanted. He wanted white girls with big butts and big breasts and girls that could squirt to the ceiling and you know, things like that.”

Still the most outrageous thing I think I've ever heard during an NCAA violation. SQUIRT TO THE CEILING. That’s just something you can’t unsee or unhear. Also, what an order by ‘Coach Mike’ the person who took over setting up the hooker parties (I guess they are parties?) after Andre McGee left. Real specific if you ask me. Squirt in general? Nah, not good enough. Squirt and hit Montrezl Harrell in the head? Not enough juice. Hit the fucking ceiling with bodily fluids and now we’re talking.

You can do all the rebranding you want. You can't escape the hookers story. It's now synonymous with Louisville just like losing to Kentucky is. When I think about Louisville it goes:

1. Kentucky's little brother

2. Hookers

3. Vacated NCAA title

4. Pay for play scandal

5. A bird mascot with teeth

The stigma. Just say exactly what it is Tyra. You're trying to land recruits and you know you have to burn the old dorms to the ground to actually deep clean it.