Fuck The Town Of Hull For Trying To Shakedown The Owner Of Graves Light

(Graves Light Station) -- The Town of Hull has asked a state court to force Graves Light to cease its restoration operations or pay a $25,000-a-day fine until it does, the Hull Times reports.

“In a counterclaim filed with the court in September, [Hull Town Counsel James B.] Lampke asked Judge Rubin to issue a temporary restraining order on further renovations,” according to the Hull Times, until owner Dave Waller “obtains building permits from Hull, and ‘assess a civil penalty of up to $25,000 per day.'”

But Graves isn’t located in the town of Hull.

What a bunch of greedy motherfuckers. But I wouldn't expect anything else from one of Massachusetts's 351 cities/towns. Any excuse to squeeze more money from people.

Just a pure scumbag move, trying to shakedown people who spent at least six figures to buy and renovate the historic lighthouse station. They took on a thankless job with their own resources now they have to fight this bullshit, flimsy-ass claim. After hundreds of years and an extensive, expensive renovation of the iconic welcome to Boston Harbor, Hull suddenly decides it deserves points on the property. Even though they could've had it for nothing when it was on sale.

Hull officials showed no interest in Graves Light during six years of demolition, restoration, and reconstruction.

Then last year, with work almost finished, Hull officials presented Graves Light with a tax bill of $3,552.42 for fiscal year 2020.

It was the first time since Hull was founded 346 years ago that the town formally claimed or tried to tax the property.

“Once they saw that it was a really nice taxable thing that we had built, they just came with a tin cup,” Graves Light’s Dave Waller told WBZ NewsRadio, “And I think it’s just a shakedown.” 

That shakedown was the first time The Graves ever appeared in the Hull tax assessor’s database.

Hopefully, Dave Waller tells Hull to go fuck its fist and dares it to come seize his lighthouse miles off the coast. 

Hey Hull officials,

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