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It Looks Like Todd Gurley Actually Scored On Purpose...And Was It Because Dave Cursed Him At The Super Bowl Two Years Ago???


I uhhh...I think Todd Gurley without a doubt scored on purpose there. Not only did Matt Ryan tell him in the huddle not to score, but it was clear the Lions were allowing him to score. But yet he never fell down. He "accidentally scored", as he wants you to believe...but come on. I think it's clear as day he wanted to score there, but the question is "why?". Why would he put his team in jeopardy of losing the game to score a touchdown that would hurt his team?

Well, I think that one is easy: Dave Portnoy.




Dave legitimately called Tood Gurley cursed and now look. Lost the Super Bowl, got cut, and now he scores when he should fall down. Very interesting if you ask me.


The only other possibility which couldn't possibly be it…..




Interesting, interesting. $500,000 is nothing to scuff at in this economy. 

Is he cursed? Just trying to get paid? A little of both? Maybe we'll never know, but he for sure scored on purpose there. Matt Ryan should be FURIOUS.