A Closer Look At Gronk's Game vs. The Raiders

When the Buccaneers traded for Rob Gronkowski this past off-season, I was skeptical about how much he had left in the tank after a year off following a few injury plagued seasons. When healthy, he was always a force and is probably the greatest Tight End of all-time. I had always heard he was a ferocious blocker in both the run and pass game and in watching the Bucs games on tape this season, that would pop once in awhile, but something was still missing. He looked a little stiff and didn't quite look like a guy you'd call the best ever at his position. But now after seven weeks, it looks like Gronk has finally got his legs under him. Sunday's game vs. the Raiders was his best game this season by far and even though he had 5 catches for 62 yards and 1 TD, the totality of his performance was incredible.