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Elizabeth Hurley Continues to Run Up the Score on the Rest of Humanity

Daily Mail - She is famed for showing off her incredible figure on social media. 

And Elizabeth Hurley was once again stripping off for 'The Gram' on Wednesday as she slipped into a sizzling white bikini while larking around.  

The Bedazzled actress, 54, was pictured on a beach - although she did not specify her location - as she revealed she was working again but missing home.

Elizabeth Hurley. Elizabeth frigging Hurley. 

Here is a woman who burst onto the international scene in the late '80s. But the time the first two Austin Powers came out in the late '90s, she was already a superstar. In the temporary, fleeting life of being a sex symbol/supermodel, that's an eternity. She could've rested on her laurels, let herself go to seed, run out the clock and still had a Hall of Fame career. Back when she'd already established herself.

A decade run would've been enough for almost anyone. But not for her. 

If human beings (and in her case, just calling her that is not giving her enough credit) were NFL teams, she'd be the opposite of the Atlanta Falcons. Her win probability has been at 99.9% for over 30 years and she's still giving maximum effort. No let up. No taking a knee. She's still trying to do it better. Every play of every set of downs of every drive of every quarter of every game. Then she watches the game film and looks for ways to improve. Even as she achieves perfection.

On Podfathers a while back, I told Large and Clem that at a certain point in my life I started judging myself by celebrities who are about the same age as me. In my case Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, John Stamos, Michael Jordan, and so on. Elizabeth Hurley is close enough to count. When the rest of you get to 54, this is what you need to strive for. Good luck with that. 

All hail the Queen. The GOAT. Consider yourself fortunate you live at the same time in history as her.