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You Absolutely Stink At Driving If You Can't Operate A Car Because Of This Ad Showing A Naked Woman Showering

[Source] - RANDY drivers “could crash” while ogling a bathroom store’s life-sized advert of a showering woman, fear council officials. But shop owner Sam Collins, 40, insists the nude advert in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, is "harmless fun - it's just a lady taking a shower."

The woman's stark-naked profile on the side of The Bathroom Store has been reported by the local council to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Angry bureaucrats also claimed the advert is possibly a public safety issue as drivers could be distracted.

I'm a 33-year old father that lives just outside the city and not in a true suburb. That means nothing grinds my gears more than shitty drivers. It's my God given right as a dad that has to drive all the time. Nobody has shittier drivers than Cincinnati, especially when there's rain. I swear I just act like Dennis Reynolds the moment I have to get behind the car. 

And now, as I'm searching the Internet high and low for content, I see this over in England. An ad making waves for a woman showering. People are filing complaints to the government saying they are worried about people crashing because of it. Here's my response? How shitty of a driver do you have to be for that? You're really worried about an ad? Do you know what's on your phone? Do you know how much porn you can look at simply by hitting a couple of buttons? 

Nothing bothers me more than traffic because people slow down to look at an accident or someone pulled over. It drives me insane. I don't know why people do it. It's an accident move along. No need to go 20 mph, especially when it's on the northbound side and you're driving south. So this is just another reason I'm happy to not be living in England right now. I'm sure this will cause crashes because there are morons all across the world. There are going to be so many people stopped to stare at the picture and then stop and stare at the accident because of said picture.

I'm on a new mission to change how we do drivers tests. I vote we do them more often and include more common sense shit like this. I'm not worried if you can make a k-turn, but how do you handle traffic? How fast do you drive? Those are the important things here.