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I’m In Line To Vote Live Blog

I’m standing in line to vote right now and there’s only like 10 people in front of me. Not bad! There was a dude who had on a very cool custom hat. I can’t take his picture because I’m pretty sure that’s a no-go in voting ethics.

That being said, it’s a custom hat. Made by whom? I have no idea but I’d love to have a haberdashery on retainer. Can you imagine? Custom hat after custom hat. Cowboy, beanie, stocking, nightcap, bonnet. Doesn’t matter. If it goes on your head, they make it. No logos either. Logos are for suckers. You’d know the hat came from my haberdasher just by the quality. They are that good.

Anyway, people yelling at me to vote for their local candidates makes me wanna not vote for them at all. Don’t tell me what to do, folks. My vote is my vote. You telling me who the best tax collector is doesn’t even begin to influence my non researched vote about local Elections.

Well, Terri used me to booth and now I’m done. Civic duty ✅ 

Lovely experience 10/10 would vote again. Next time, I’ll have a fire hat from my haberdasher. That’s a promise.