Ladies, You Ever Fuck Around And Marry A Wolverine?

There is a couple of levels to this wonderful tiktok I'd like to get into.

The first is this: I very much enjoy how the wife poses this question as if it is a legitimately normal behavior for someone to do and not psychopathic neanderthal behavior. This is, by law, is grounds for a divorce in which 100% of assets go to her and he is immediately put down and buried in a Russian nesting doll coffin. 

The second is this: What the fuck. What the actual fuck. Trying to imagine the sensation of his nails gnawing and ripping at the threads of his sheets EVERY FUCKING NIGHT makes my skin crawl. Toenails are the fucking grossest thing there are, and I don't even want to begin to imagine how disgustingly long this creatures have gotten considering the damage they did to those linens.