Sean Payton Says They Are On "Double Secret Probation" When It Comes To Emmanuel Sanders' COVID Status


On yesterday's Rundown, Dave was wondering which children in the office knew who Mikhail Gorbachev. Doogz sort of knew, Billy Football said he's the guy from Chernobyl, and Lil Sasquatch had absolutely zero idea. Now in his defense, Lil Sas is still only 15 years old, so I don't completely blame him. So this made me wonder- do kids these days know what double secret probation is? When Sean Payton drops that reference, do they get it? I'm going to guess...sadly no.




I don't think kids watch Animal House anymore. It just seems that if a movie can't be streamed on Netflix, I don't think the current generation of kids are going out of their way to watch movies from 1978. Back in the day with Blockbuster, you would browse the aisles and stumble upon pretty much anything. It's not like that anymore though. Or maybe you'd be at Best Buy and see a DVD is $9.99 and think "hey, what not?". But now it's not like that. Nobody is simply stumbling across Animal House on a whim like that. Kinda sad when I put it that way.

But anyway, if Emmanuel Sanders was symptomatic, the first day he could rejoin the team would be Sunday, so it seems unlikely he'd play after missing the last 2 weeks. Which means our guy Juwan Johnson might be cashing another game check. Fuck yes.