This Guy's Twilight Zone Life Needs To Become A Documentary

This is a long read, but it's worth it if you have some time to kill. This story comes to us via the Humans Of New York Instagram page. For anyone that's unfamiliar with the account, this guy basically walks around New York City taking pictures of New Yorkers. As he photographs them, he interviews them and asks questions about their lives, piecing together a story. Typically, it's just one post with a few pictures and a paragraph-long story. But yesterday, we got one of the most interesting stories in the history of the account. It is eight posts long. I will embed them all with the captions and then provide a TL;DR for anyone who doesn't feel like reading (although it is worth it). 

I mean what a god damn story. Straight out of the Twilight Zone. For anyone who didn't read through it, the basic summary is this:

Guy and his mom start going to some magic healer named Blanche who fixes their back and shoulder injuries. She uses energy or some weird universe shit. He gets very close to Blanche, who uses her magic powers to find cancer in his mom that gets removed. This guy, in his early 20s, meets a hot rich girl, Vicky, in her late 20s who also goes to Blanche. He falls in love with her, and they spend a ton of time together, but he gets friend zoned. He meets her rich ass family and they go away together. They eventually hook up and he gets her pregnant. He's excited he's having a child with the girl he loves. But then shit gets bad for our guy. She tells him that she had a miscarriage, but it turns out that's a lie that she cooked up with magic healer Blanche. Vicky disappears out of his life and says if he tries to get custody of his kid, her rich family will sue him for everything he's worth. He's obviously crushed. Eventually, he gets over it and finds a new wife and they have children together. Blanche is dead. Vicky is still MIA. One day over a decade later, he decides to look up Vicky and plans to call her after a weekend family getaway to their place in the Catskills. On the way there, they stop at a diner and Vicky is at the next table. He goes up her and she basically says "I was expecting you. Blanche told me in a dream to come here." Turns out Vicky and his daughter live 1.5 miles away from them in the middle of nowhere. He and his daughter finally get to meet and they hit it off. So it's kind of a weird happy ending. He still can't figure out why Blanche did him so dirty but he tells himself it's because she knew Vicky was a crazy control freak that would've been bad for him in the long run. 

The End. 

Now obviously, the #1 thing that ran through my, and probably your, mind is that there's a chance this story just isn't real at all. Almost seems too crazy and sci-fi like to be true. Well, call me a sucker but I'm choosing to believe it. The guy who runs the account usually just randomly stops people on the street, so this would be one hell of a story to just make up on the spot. If I was this guy and this story was real though, I would do everything I could to get featured on this account. Would've stalked the guy who runs it until he "accidentally" ran into me. Need to get a story that bizarre out to the public. 

Real or not, need Netflix to get in contact with this guy to make a full blown documentary. Need to hear from him. Need to hear from Vicky. Need to hear from this Blance bitch through the dead. Need it all. 

Closing blog anecdote: 

Brandon Stanton, who runs the account, came to a Fordham Spring Weekend while I was there. Talked to the crowd and pulled a girl up to demonstrate how he asks questions and gets content. He asked her a pretty simple question, and I remember she said something so cringeworthy about wanting to challenge herself and being afraid to fail or some cliche bullshit. So clear she was just trying to get on the account. I wanted to puke and decided to hate her from that moment on. 

Anyway, that's my story.