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Big Time Cuckolded: Baby Dale Has Put Gus In The Dog-Bed Version of the Boston Crab

About two weeks ago, I saw an article floating around that San Antonio had taken in nearly 1200 dogs or so from the hurricane that hit Louisiana. I went down to the shelter and picked up Dale. He was skinny, had a bad cough, but was otherwise right as rain. I took him to the little room where they let you socialize with the pups. Even with a mask on, he was kissing my face and just wanted to be held. 

I took ole Baby Dale how and he fits in perfectly. I love this little dude. 

HOWEVER, what hes doing to Gus is simply not right; it's not fair; it's unbecoming. Gus shouldn't have to sleep in a CAT BED because his little brother is kind of a bully. Well, Baby Dale isn't really a bully. Gus is just a huge pussy. I mean that in a loving way. Gus is a gigantic pussy and that's why we love him. He's submissive and wouldn't hurt a fly, no matter how many nasty rumors Big Cat starts. 

Baby Dale doesnt push Gus out of the bed. He just hops in first and Gus will not try to get in there with him. If Gus gets in bed first, Dale will hop in there and theyll both sleep and sleep and sleep. What a duo! Baby Dale and Gussy Boy. Gotta love em.