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The Quarterback Job Should Be Kirk Cousins' Job To Lose...Unfortunately However, We Are Probably On The Verge Of a QB Controversy

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PFT - Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered an ugly ankle injury early in the game, but backup Kirk Cousins turned in a huge day in an easy 41-10 win over Jacksonville. The big win will, unfortunately, be overshadowed by the bad news in Washington: Griffin, whose surgically repaired knee has been the subject of great concern in the nation’s capital for 20 months, went down and had to be carted to the locker room. This time it appeared to be Griffin’s ankle that was injured. But Kirk Cousins was outstanding leading the offense in place of Griffin. Washington scored touchdowns on its first three drives with Cousins at the helm, and Cousins finished 22-for-33 for 250 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Tight end Niles Paul was his favorite target, catching eight passes for 99 yards and a touchdown.


Kirk Cousins played well yesterday. Very well. He went through his progressions. He placed balls perfectly. Looked comfortable and poised. Ran the offense all over the Jaguars on the way to a 41-10 win. It was the complete opposite of last season when he had 3 games and put up 4 TD, 7 INTs, and a 52.3 completion %. So where does this leave the future of the Redskins QB position? Well that’s the billion dollar question.

The reality of all of this is Cousins true talent is probably somewhere in the middle of last season and yesterday. It is easy to shine against the Jags. They have no weapons on either side of the field. A truly embarrassingly put together team. But it’s also unlikely Cousins will be as bad as he was last season when Shanny was leaking things to the press, Snyder was trying to frame him to get him fired, etc. The Jay Gruden offense which allowed Andy Dalton to shine will definitely help Cousins as well.

But we need to realize we’ve seen things like this before. Guys like Orton, Cassell, Kolb. All have those moments of shine and then regress to the norm. And now all that being said, it has to be Cousins’ job to lose. Let’s theoretically say RG3 is out 4 games (it will be more, but theoretically speaking). If Cousins continues to light it up, RG3 should come back and sit on the bench until Cousins falters, if he does. But say Cousins is bad. Say he goes back to last year’s form, or close to it. RG3 comes back and takes over the starting role. He completed 78% of passes last week with JJ Watt in his grill the whole time, and yesterday, albeit it being only 2 series, he looked phenomenal. We just have to wait and see what happens.

At this point, I’m not worried about how much the Skins gave up to acquire Griffin. The past is in the past. I want whoever gives them the best opportunity to win behind center.

But the truth of the matter is Cousins very likely will be decent, and RG3 will be healthy again and ready to play this season, and a huge decision will have to be made. Which is why I think they have to make it Cousins’ job to lose. RG3 cannot be trusted as the starting QB. He’s a game changer when he’s healthy. But he can’t stay healthy. And we all know he’s not mentally tough. While it will suck to see a healthy Griffin on the bench, it might just be the way to go now.