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Wake Up With the Best Part of ‘The Shining’

Halloween week continues on the Wake Up.

This is the sort of stuff that scares me more than and axe to the chest or masked psycho stabbing a horny teenage camper.

One, Wendy Torrence finally finds out that the husband she’s been stuck in the middle of nowhere with has spend the winter typing the same nonsense sentence all winter.

Two, Jack confirms he’s not only gone off the deep end, he’s possessed. And gone all murdery. The staircase scene is the stuff of Hollywood legend. Director Stanley Kubrick had pushed Shelley Duvall to the  edge of insanity with psychological abuse. To the point she wasn’t acting here when she seems like she’s at the breaking point. It’s been said that the staircase scene had more retakes than any in movie history. Some reports say as many as 70, before Kubrick was satisfied. How ever much effort it took, it paid off. This is peak Kubrick, peak Jack Nicholson, and peak horror movie.