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Wake Up With Randy Arozarena Hitting A Triple Without The Ball Leaving The Infield

Raise your hand if you had Randy Arozarena penciled in as a guy who'd hit 10 homers in his first 25 post season games, now put your hand down cuz you're a damn liar. Randy started the game off with, shocker, another homer and has been showing out all October. He didn't just suddenly start having a flair for the dramatics, that started a while back. Here he have him in the minors as a Cardinal hitting what seems to be a routine pop up to the infield. No big deal, can of corn. Except for the fact that literally no one caught it, all 4 infielders were standing there looking at each other and Randy was MOTORING around the bases and slides into third with a triple. Maybe it was ruled an error, but that's not the point. The point is that Randy Arozarena is a joy to watch on the field and has been one of the best stories of the entire playoffs.